Monday, December 2, 2013

"It's Christmastime!" 12/2/13

Well i survived thanksgiving! We visited four families and I had a hard time not going for seconds at each house, but by the time we got to the third home i could barely eat half of my plate! it was just amazing though. The families here are so great. They take such good care of us. WE had a "thankedimony" at one home and it was just sooo great. I bore mine on how i'm so grateful for the pure love of Christ and to see how the gospel blesses families as we go from home to home. I have learned so much from being in people's homes and i just wish my future family can be like them all! 
On Friday we had the best opportunity ever though! Our mission has a little incentive that if we get forty baptisms a month, those who participated get to go to the temple. Because we had a baptism with leila, we got to go!!!!! oh it was just amazing, beautiful, and i loved it so much! It was just what we needed since last week was hard. AFter the temple our mission president said to us, "We must remember that we are here to save the people on this side of the veil, not the other, but the temple has many blessings and helps us in so many ways. But I want ya'll to think of your investigators wearing white, because we are going to have a white christmas! We bring them closer to CHrist and have them baptized so they can baptized their families and ancestors." How true this is. We need to do this work here so they can do the work for their families. I just love the temple so much and am so grateful for it.
On wednesday though we woke up to snow! WE only had it for a half hour and then it started to warm up. When it snows though the people here act like it's the end of the world and they stay inside. make me kind of laugh. It doesn't even stick to the ground. But the snow is like ice and it makes the roads a little scary. Actually the people in Georgia make the roads scary because they don't know how to drive in it. Oh well. i was just super happy to see it when i woke up. But man it was cold! The wind makes it super chilly,  I'm getting so used to the climate here that i get so cold when i hear 30 degrees. I'm going to die when i get home .
THanks everyone for your emails. I pray for ya'lll and i hope everything is going well. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the snow. I obviously miss it. 

The morning after it snowed...

Lexie and her companions showing off their "food babies."  Lexie totally wins.  Those other gals aren't even trying!!

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  1. "Food Babies" - hilarious! So glad that she's doing so well. And that she was loved on Thanksgiving.