Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! 11/25/13

I really can't believe that it's thanksgiving already! time is flying and soon it will be christmas. We are going to be with four different families this thanksgiving, so i'm still deciding if i should fast to prepare or just work on stretching my stomach for all the good food. But either way i'm really excited for Thursday and what it has instore. Speaking of the lovely food… Tuesday during our companionship study we were singing some christmas song.. and all of a sudden i hear this loud crack and pop sound! and next thing i know i'm clinging to my desk for support! immediately my companions and i are just busting up and laughed for like 20 minutes straight! I had broken my wooden chair. Yup, God sure has a funny way of telling his missionaries to stay healthy. He just so happened to tell me the hard way cause it was the only way i would listen. And when i mean broke i mean right down the middle, a nice clean break.  so because of that i have been seriously watching what i eat and exercising like crazy.  
This week though has been very challenging and has definitely tried my faith. We had 8 lessons with investigators cancel on us this week. They either did not remember and had other plans or they were sick. And for everyone we had a member planned to come with us. THose are rare!!!!! we were so pumped. But hopefully this week we get to meet with them and the appts will follow through. It's been very trying. Saturday night i was just so discouraged and i wanted to just brake down and cry. But i wasn't about to cause that would have been embarrassing, and cause i don't cry. But we have been so upset and as a companionship we have to be there for each other to lift and encourage. There is so much work to do and there is always work to do. I pray that this week will have better things instore. Maybe the Lord is just trying our faith and our diligence, and maybe he's preparing us for what is to come. Sometimes a trial precedes a miracle. But the faith must come before the miracle. Faith does not come from miracles, rather miracles come because of faith. Therefore we are praying and doing all we can to have faith hope and charity. 
The people here have been so good to us. Sister debry has been fighting the nastiest cold now for a month and she is as sick as a dog. That has also been hard. But the members have taken so good care of us. THey give us vitamins and medicine so hopefully we will get rid of this sickness. 'they are just becoming family to us and our closest friends. I'm already planning a trip back to this area after my mission. 
Thank you everyone for your prayers, letters, love, and support! I appreciate alll ya'll do and may the lord bless ya! Happy thanksgiving!!!!!  Love, Sister Hulme

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