Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another week under the belt. 11/18/13

Well hate to say it, but it was kind of a boring week compared to last week. 
We had our one month follow-up meeting on wednesday for all of the missionaries and our trainers. It was really great. Except for the fact that I was super sick with the stomach flu and later got a fever. Sister Debry and I have been sick pretty much this whole week and it was not fun. It's hard to do this work when you just have no energy and have to force a smile on your face. I felt bad cuz I could tell on Wednesday when i had to say hi to President and sister Wolfert that they could tell i was not in a happy state. I don't want them to think i'm miserable. Afterwards thought sister Debry and I slept for 16 hours straight and I seriously didn't wake up till6:30 the next morning. It was something that was much needed and we were able to jump right back into the work the next day. Mom had written me and told me that Kade was really sick with a fever and i found it kinda funny that i was in the same situation. It is not fun knowing that you're only putting in 75% of your effort instead of 100%. That's when we knew that we needed the rest cause we don't want to slack forever on this work. We said a prayer before we went to sleep and woke up totally new people, God sure listens and will answer! 
We did have dinner with "Jane" and her family on THursay night. They were so sweet and I could see that she was just happy. Her family commented that this week she had been different and they noticed how happy she was. They are so eager for us to teach them and we hope to get permission from our president to teach because they live outside of our mission by 2 miles! Maybe that miracle will happen and he'll be kind enough to let us teach them, we'll conitinue to be diligent and obedient so it can happen. Her youngest daughter, Avin, who is 7 drew us each a picture and it is the cutest thing! I have that and the letter and pic from Jack and Lucy taped above my studies desk. Her other daughter, Ilar, is very nice and just sat and talked to us. SHe showed us some pictures on her phone from Iran and they were surprisingly very pretty! She said they only show the poor and sad parts of her country on the news and that's all the people know about. As pretty as it is, she said she doesn't wish to go back and she's hoping to stay with her grandma here in the USA. I hope she does as well. 
So here is a funny quick story. WE were tracting on thursday and we had one man tell us that we were trespassing and soliciting, so he was going to call the cops on us if we didn't get off his porch. THat was kinda scary but we merely wished him a good day and moved on to the next house. The man that answered the next door had just woken up from a nap and he looked like he was almost high. We explained that we  were representatives from the church... blah..blah.. and he just answered.. "well cool, i don't know if i'm what you're looking for though. I mean it's just great what you're doing.. hallelujah! (with a little fist pump in the air and a sarcastic look on his face) but i'm canadian."
"oh, that doesn't mean anything! our message is for everyone."
"Oh.. and i'm an atheist." 
Oh... ok then... 
hahaha the excuses that people come up with here. I wonder when people say they don't speak english if they are just not interested and its an excuse to not here what we have to say. Oh well, there loss. 
Well thanks everyone for the love and the prayers! I love and miss Ya'll so much! 
Take care,
Sister Hulme

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