Monday, November 11, 2013

First Baptism 11/11/13

Yes we finally got our first baptism! Jane Smith* was baptized yesterday and it was just her family, us, and a few others there. But she was sooooo happy.  We were all so excited about the baptism! she came to church yesterday before and she sat by me so i had to explain the sacrament and everything to her. She doesn't know much engish so I had her read the sacrament prayers in Moroni and she continued to ask me good questions. I absolutely loved that sacrament meeting because it the spirit was so strong and powerful. To explain it all in such simple terms made me realized how important and great it all is. She would ask if everyone including babies' were mormon and if everyone had served missions. Her funniest question was if all the young men were the bishops boys haha I told her know and they were boys from the families within the ward. SHe's the sweetest lady. I wish I could send you pics but we have to be so careful cause if we let any pics on the internet of her baptism she could get caught and killed in Iran. We had to take our nametags off so she could take a pic home herself. She won't be able to take her book of mormon home cause she won't be able to get it through the airport. IT's all just sad to think that she has to go back! I'm going to miss her sooo much! she has effected my life so much! she said we could write her letters though and if she ever came back to the usa then she would let us know. I'm so going to see her when she gets back. To see her come up out of the water though after she was baptized was the best thing ever! WE just stood in the back with her towel hugging each other because we were so excited, waiting with open arms and full of love. Reminded me of how Heavenly Father is with us. We just stood in His place. Later we sang i believe in christ to her, it was the simplest hymn that she would understand and we actually saw her start to cry. It was amazing and the coolest experience ever.  I don't know if i'll ever have one that measures up to it.  It was so cute cause she has a daughter that's 7 years old and she was crying because she couldn't get baptized. So we said that Jane had to come back with her when she was old enough. We're gonna get the whole family! I'm dreading saying good bye to her.. she leaves this weekend but we're having dinner with her family and an older ward couple named the gagnons (who are grandma and grandpa to us), they helped out with teaching and the baptism. Her mom is going to make us persian food and we're excited! don't know what to expect but chicken and rice! SHe is like a sister to me and I love her so much! I now ask myself everyday.. what am i willing to risk or do for this gospel? I'm serving HIS mission for 18 months but it seems like such a little sacrifice compared to what He did for us and even what she has risked. When you ask her why she is doing all of this her only reply is "I love Him! and He loves me. This is my biggest wish." .. If only this was everyone's biggest wish. It is a huge miracle to me that we were able to teach her, cause it was the spirit who taught her. She said she has looked into catholic and baptist.. everything.. but this gospel is true. She can feel it and it is like home to her. It is home for us all! She understood the plan of salvation so well and we were worried about that one. Yet the spirit testified to her, I so believe in the gift of tongues, and in a whole new sense! Im so grateful to know Jane and I know God has prepared her and us as missionaries for this experience. I'm thanking Him everyday for this. I know this is true. Ha I wish we could teach Jane more about temples, she worries for her husband in Iran and her family if they aren't baptized. But she understand that they will be taught everything in the spirit world and again this makes sense to her. I fully believe in temple work and this has taught me how important temple work is! WE have a lot to do! Makes me wonder about millions of others in the middle east and all over the world who are searching for happiness and peace. WE are so blessed here and I'm so grateful! 
Thank you everyone for the letters and emails. I appreciate all you've done. Lets keep moving forward and God be with you!
Love, Sister Hulme

*again…the whole witness protection thing…    :)

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  1. Those are some great stories! The maggots. How awful. I will try to write her soon. I'm so glad she's enjoying her work. Thanks for posting her letters and photos.