Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas!! 12/23/13

I am just loving this time of year! And I first want to say thanks to everyone for the letters and presents. I'm excited to see what's inside. We have so many presents under our little christmas tree it looks awesome. I also got some christmas cards from families, y'all look so good! We've really been enjoying this christmas so far. We've been doing so much caroling! it's so fun. SIster anderson has a beautiful voice and so does sister Debry. We do a fun trio and everyone loves it. We love it too. We actually sang Silent Night as a trio yesterday in sacrament, and we joined in the choir program. It was so fun and the spirit was so strong. It reminded me of the fun program they do at my home ward, of course it didn't compare to wonderful talents we have at home. It was so fun to be involved with the ward though. We had at least 5 of our investigators come to church yesterday and they really enjoyed it. We have been teaching a family, a mom named Lisa and her two daughters who we tracted into. They have been really looking for a church to go to because the daughters have never been to church. They call it church shopping here ha. But we gave them a church tour and they seemed to really like it and be positive about it all. That was 3 weeks ago and they haven't come to church yet. The mom has been out of town for business for a couple weeks and on Friday she had told us that she was sick. We called them and invited them to church for this sunday, telling them that it was our christmas program and they would really enjoy it. But we were so bummed that they didn't show up. The mom did tell us that she's nervous because she still doesn't know what to expect and she doesn't like being the center of attention. We told her that the ward members were very nice and welcoming and they would help her. She obviously is very nervous and scared to show up. We are going to work very hard with them though. They are so sweet and this is just what they need,  This is what everyone needs but they are ready. Yesterday we went to visit Maxine and dexter. Ha they are two oooolllllddd people who live together. She's a member but he isn't. Maxine sounds like the old lady car with the gruffy voice off of the movie cars, who sells the bumber stickers. Dexter is hilarious!!! He wouldn't stop talking about how he loves to see us young beautiful girls and the special feeling we bring into their home. i'm pretty sure he's cross-eyed and has bad vision though. I had a hard time understanding what he's talking about and following him, he would say " and that there right there yep and this that yep and god is here and that's what i feel and that's what im going to say and that's what i'm doing. yep!" haha he's such a crazy gomer. WE sang them a couple christmas songs, and after wards we looked at them, and he would just opening and closing his mouth and nothing would come out, like he was speechless, shaking his head like a dummy. Ha my favorite was at the end we shared a christmas poem with them and we asked him what he liked about the poem considering he acted so amazed by it. He could only say "well, honestly i dont really remember what it's about but i bet it was just great! you girls are so great! i just love having ya here and that there!...." ya you get the idea. haha. I hope to see them many times again. Maxine did say though that she wants to come back to church but she doesn't own a single dress or skirt. We told her it didn't matter. Then she said Dexter won't stop yapping his mouth away. But we said that doens't matter either, as long as you come. 
I'm so excited for this week and what it has instore. I love this time of year here and i'm so grateful that we get to celebrate not only our savior's birth but what he did for us, His entire life. May y'all have a very merry christmas and remember the gift that our  father and Savior so graciously gave us. Also remember the challenge from conference.. bring one soul unto christ this christmas.. yep we are! this friday we have a baptism with Karina. She is so excited and we are too. Have a great week! 
And im super stoked to talk to the fam!!!!! love y'all!
Love, Sister hulme

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