Monday, December 9, 2013

Three days without a cell phone! 12/9/13

This week has been really good! We had a ward christmas party and us missionaries had to do a skit for part of the show. Ya that was fun.. we did that thing where one sticks their arms through and acts like the other persons arms.. i was the arms for sister Debry. They cracked up pretty hard. Poor sister, i had to put makeup on her and she looked like a hot mess. The christmas party was so fun though. We had a family come to the party and they enjoyed it so much. it was their first time meeting the ward and coming to the church. We were slightly nervous how they would feel. But of course the spirit was awesome and so is the ward, and they said it was amazing. The mom mentioned that she felt so loved and welcomed so that made me super happy. We also gave a church tour to a family that we tracted into on Tuesday night and they sounded so promising! The mom has a catholic background and her daughters have never  been to church and they have been interested in finding one they like. AFter having the first discussion with them the mom was so eager to set up a church tour. Well we finally had one and the father came too. He mentioned that he was there for moral support, but by the end he said he'd take baby steps. We commited them to come to church but they didn't show up. We were very  bummed after that but we are planning on visiting them soon. I don't want to see them turn away that fast, so im praying hard that they will accept this gospel. 
Last night we had a family take us to this event called "Walk through Bethelehem" and that was so fun! They have a whole village set up just like Bethlehem and people are dressed up and reinact as people back when Christ was born. Besides it being super cold and raining, we loved it! 
Haha so we had a very funny moment on Friday night. WE had made our last visit and were on our way out to the car. Sister anderson was still standing outside in the pouring rain though while we were climbing in, and we look back at her and she is just standing there with a worried look on her face and in shock. All she could say was "uh.... uh..." so we jump out and she is holding our cell phone up and there is no battery in it! Remember that it is pouring cats and dogs outside! She explained that she dropped the phone in the gutter, which was a raging river becuase it was flowing down hill, and she went to pick it up but the battery just kept going along in the river! We started chasing after it in the pouring rain and looked everywhere for that battery!!! Sadly we didn't find it but we did have a grand ol' time in the rain! we spent a good 15 minutes trying to search for it and meanwhile cars were driving by and wondering what the heck we were doing. So for the past three days we have been without a phone and no one can get ahold of us. We are doing this old school now. hopefully we get one this week becuase we've found it very hard to manage without one. Haha we thanked Sister Anderson though for a good laugh. 
It's been actually really cold here in Georgia. It gets down to about 28 degrees and i know it doesn't compare to that -21 there... but man it's cold! it is constantly raining and its so bone chilling with the wind. Luckily i have some warm gear like coats and scarves and hats cause my companions have nothing. We went and bought some warm stuff today though so we should be good. 
I'm sorry that this email came late today and i didnt' have much time to email some individuals. But i sent everyone something in the mail. I hope y'all get it:) Love ya and take care!
Sister Hulme
Three wet Sisters...

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