Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference and One Year Mark 10/6/14

Dear family and friends,
It was soo great to hear from some of you! I wish i had more time on my hands to email all of ya'll. 
Conference went by way too fast! It was crazy for me to think the whole time that it was a year ago that I was watching conference in the MTC. And each time that president monson says "God be with you till we meet again in 6 months time" my stomach lurches in thinking how fast that time flies. 6 months and i'll be packing the bags to come home! ugh. truly the anticipation just kills me, and i almost get anxiety thinking of all i need to do in 6 months. Only 6 months left to truly serve with all my heart might mind and strength. But when i remember the commission i've been called to, i just feel peace and comfort, knowing that i'm fulfilling fathers will, and i've been called to the greatest work. I'm just going to enjoy the time i'm in now and make the most of it. Because I have 6 months left to finish a mission i'll remember for eternity. 
This week was much better than last week. Thanks for your prayers and your love:) On wednesday we had interviews and we had a little zone conference and watched Meet the Mormons. We no longer get to go to it with our investigators at a theatre, but we got to watch it early instead! Hhaha president had a bootleg copy:) OMG its so good! you have to make it a priority to go! and when you do, please be a good member and bring a friend:) that's what its for. i'm excited for the world to see it on netflix and so forth. Interviews with president were good. Except he just asked me about my family and what my plans were after the mission. BTW mom he gave me permission to apply for byu-i. i told him i didn't want to think about that stuff yet, but he told me that its ok to keep it in mind, just as long as it doesn't consume my mind! still don't want to think about it. 
We also had an awesome Mission leadership council meeting on friday. It was really focused on how we can balance between tracting and working with the members. Since tracting is still effective in the south, we will be the last mission to get ipads pretty much. But one thing i've really learned on my mission is how to work with the different leaderships in the church and the roles of each. ha i had no idea what a ward mission leader was or how important that calling is! But i'm grateful for the chance as a missionary to serve and assist them in their calling. Our ward is struggling with some of this stuff though, so its a working progress. and as SIster Training Leaders we were asked to give a training on this at the next zone meeting this week! Kind of hard when your own ward won't exemplify it. SIster George and I decided we're laying the foundation for future missionaries who will be doing great things with the monroe ward! 
And to make the week even better, we had a baptism on friday. Anel Sisic finally got baptized! He is the man from bosnia and was a muslim. He was part of  a part member family, and was taking discussions from missionaries for about 1.5 years. Well since we've been here he's made sooo much progress and its been so cool to see. HAha we had to book it out of Mission leadership council to get back in time to set up for his baptism. When he showed up, he was so excited and it was so fun to see!:) haha he was extra picky about his water, he wanted it to be as clean as ever if he was going to be purified in it. So he made us get out any little bug or crump in the water, and a few times i almost fell in! We also made him this special  baptism certificate.. we called it his splash pass:) he was overjoyed to get it:) there was as little joke behind that. 
So the biggest thing i learned from conference was from the talk on decisions. When president brought it up in interviews about my plan after the mission, my mind has kind of been boggled by what i should do. But I went to conference with questions in mind. And i learned that when making decisions, we have to consider our options, with the end in mind.. having an eternal perspective. and you most definitely have to understand who you are, what your divine purpose is, and where you want to go. And when seeking answers for these decisions, trust that its all in god's timing. He'll give you the answer when you are prepared to recieve it. Sometimes you have to set it aside because you have to learn and grow until god will give you the answer. THis weekend, i learned that I'm still growing and reaching my potential, and my focus is my mission. Everything else will come in its time when God sees best for me. I'm so grateful for the counsel from prophets, apostles, and leaders, cause its direct counsel from God. I hope each of you took something from conference and will strive to follow their counsel. 
Thanks again for your prayers, love, support, and for being the best family ever! Love you so much!
Love Sister Hulme

The previous sisters, Anel, and Sister George and Lexie.
They are all standing in front of the picture in which Anel says "Christ is playing Hide and Seek."

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