Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A day late... 10/14/14

Hey ya'll! 
Sorry, yesterday was columbus day and the libraries were closed. So they switched our pday to today. And we're actually up in Cleveland right now because we're going to Helen for the day with the sisters from our zone. Even though its down pouring outside, i'm excited! I've heard its a cute little german town with good chocolate. And i'm in heaven right now because i'm wearing jeans haha, cause we're allowed to do that.. we might be going on a hike there too. My body has forgotten what its like to wear jeans. 
Anyway!! This week has been long.. the days have been long.. but when i look back the week kind of flew by. We've been doing alot of exchanges lately to fit them in before the transfer ends. And those just make the week fly by. But we have to do alot of driving on our part, and it kills our miles. So between exchanges, we've been doing alooootttt of finding. And let me tell ya, when they said at conference that persecution on Joseph smith would just get harder and worse, trust me, we've been seeing that. Ha quick story.. we tracted into this man who said he knew all about our church and John Weslee.. we looked at each other and looked at him puzzled.. Sister george caught on and asked "you mean joseph smith?" he was like "oh yeah! thats what i meant!" and he just went off. I told sister george she shouldn't have even mentioned the name joseph smith and we should've gone forward like we didn't know what he was talking about! I thought though.. if you can't even get the name right, your sources must be wrong. I don't think you really know everything about our church like you said you did. And that's just a taste of what we deal with everyday. I also thought of what persecution other missionaries get in their mission.. probably not alot about joseph smith outside of the states. BUt especially in the south, people hear different things and rumors spread like crazy. And we get to put up with the persecution. But its all worth it:) I can definitely say i have a testimony of Joseph SMith, and i know he's a prophet of God! With his one question he had about which church is true, and the answer he recieved.. it also answered millions of other's questions at that time and in the future. And i love the simple evidence of all this truth.. the Book of Mormon, read it, ponder it, pray about it. I've just started reading it over again, and this time i'm really focusing on the doctrine, or the gospel of christ. I've noticed in just the first book of nephi how much pertains to the gospel, and how much it witnesses of Christ! I just love it:)
We did have one cool miracle on saturday! We had dinner with the bishop's family, the Carters, and Sister CArter, whom i just love and adore, texted us and asked if we had any investigators or people in mind that we wanted to invite to dinner. Well we've been focusing on a recent convert, EMily, who is a 15 year old and is very shy, she needs alot of love and attention from the ward. So we asked Sister Carter to text Emily and invite her. Well, we rode with SIster carter to Emily's house to pick her up. Emily also has 3 other siblings who are around her same age. And Sister Carter was not slow to act as a missionary, and invited all her siblings to come to dinner too! We had to really convince them to come, but once one of them said yes, the rest followed suit and wanted to come! It was a little tricky though because we were just driving SIster Carter's little chevy cruz car, and we had to REALLY squeeze in for all of us to fit! We didn't really think ahead, but we were willing to sacrifice for this missionary opportunity.:) haha sister George and i had to squeeze in the front seat. We became really close friends by the end of that car ride. Haha! Sister george couldn't resist and said , "I haven't had this much action in 15 months!" SIster Carter overheard and just laughed. goodness, my companion sometimes. Don't worry, we took the back roads to the Bishop's home.. and we made it safely.. obviously! We had so much fun that evening! We played a big game of kickball, had a great cookout, and roasted some smores over a fire. We taught the gospel of JEsus Christ to them after dinner, and everyone had great input! Emily said on sunday that they had such a fun time and her siblings wanted to do it again. We are so grateful for BIshop Carter's family who were so outgoing and willing to have them over. WE wouldn't have been able to do it without them and their help, especially sister Carter, who was quick to invite emily's family over, let alone all squish in the car! We just love members like them:) Sister Carter is another member who is my long lost friend that i have just grown to love! SHe's from idaho, so she understands sister george and i:) 
BIG BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD!!!  I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow mom:) thanks for all you've done for me and all you do now:) 
Also, for those who would like to go to Sis. Dunn's homecoming it is november 9th at 1 oclock.. she lives in the woodruff ward in logan. SHe'll email me the address when she gets home. she would love to meet ya'll and i think it would be awesome for you to go and support her. tell her hi! 
well have a great week! 
Love sister Hulme

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