Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Best News Ever! 9/1/14

Hey ya'll! 
It's been another great week in Loganville! I'm actually super excited and pumped for this week.... because WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can't tell i'm excited, just know that i am. I'm jumping up and down in my seat. The reason for this is because our mission has a goal of 42 baptisms a month, and those who participated and got a baptism.. if we reach the goal then we get to go to the temple! So because Sister George and I ( i basically walked into the baptism) had a baptism with April at the beginning of august, we get to go this thursday morning!!! We also get to go again this next saturday with April for her first time doing baptisms for the dead. That's a new rule President Bennion started. You can go with your recent converts for their first time to the temple, whether its baptisms for the dead or endowments. I'm sooooo stoked!!!! Here's the big deal.. so SIster George's last companion Sister Arbon gets to come to the temple with april too because she was involved in most of the teaching. Now sister Arbon is now companions with sister Motuliki in Collins Hill. The only problem we had was who was going to be sister motuliki's companion for the day while sister Arbon was gone?? I had the option of either going with her on an exchange for the day in collins hill!!!!! or go to the temple with April and the others:) Talk about the hardest decision and biggest dilemma of my life!!!!!!!!!!! it took me allllll day monday to decide. Eventually i prayed about it, and i so wish i could've picked up the phone and called mom to ask for her opinion.. but i came to the conclusion that i needed to go to the temple with april, because who knows if i'll have that opportunity again, and Sister Motuliki would just go with the other set of Collins hill sisters who had a car. Sometimes you just wish you could have your cake and eat it too. BUt i'll still get to see her that day when we pick sister Arbon up!!! I got to talk to her on the phone briefly on monday to explain the details to them.. she's still shy and quiet on the phone.. i only hear sister arbon!:) love and miss her

So the work has been great here, Niki came to church again and we're going to put her on date for baptism for the end of september. She is elect and amazing! She sat with the members and made friends with everybody.. she even had the newest sister ward missionary call her up and talk to her forever on the phone. I love it when members just welcome nonmembers with open arms. She really belongs and can feel that love reaching out to her. 
We've also started teaching a hispanic family.. the Hernandez. I've always wanted to teach a family!!!!!!! And now i totally regret not keeping up with my spanish throughout high school, i so wish to speak it! But the mom speaks english, so we teach, she listens, and then we have a member come with us to translate for the husband, and he listens! THey have two kids, a 2 year old and 12 year old. They did have the spanish missionaries visit them, but they didn't keep on top of that and i don't know why because that family is elect! oh well, we took the matters into our hands. And they live right next door to a family in our ward. We asked them if they would prefer to go to the spanish branch, but thats an hour away in athens and ours is closer, so they preferred ours. Only problem is we need a headset for her husband to translate everything. We have alot of members in the ward though that speak spanish so that's helpful. We are also going to put them on date for the beginning of october. We pushed it a little later, because the husband told us he drinks a little here and there, and also coffee. But they really believe and know this to be true and are excited! I'm excited too:) I explained in the restoration about the apostasy thats its like a glass table, the gospel of Christ being the glass and the legs the priesthood power or the apostles. Once the priesthood was taken away, the glass fell and the gospel was broken apart into pieces. Different people took a piece of what they knew to be true and created different religions or churches, but there wasnt the fulness with out the priesthood. But once it was restored and the priesthood along with that, we now have the full glass table again. THe husband, Juan, totally agreed and said it made sense, and he had no religion background! I love that family and am so excited for them:)

Oh, another note. I was on exchange with the Commerce sisters on friday-saturday... we attended the elders baptism, and i had to play the piano... i was glad to be of service:)... anyway.. sister George calls us saturday morning and said our apartment flooded!!! there was a really bad leak from my toilet and it flooded every room except our bedroom which was across the apartment from the bathroom.  So weve had to deal with wet carpet and big power fans blowing for the past 3 days. Nothing was damaged though. 

And i had a wonderful birthday:) thanks for the birthday wishes and gifts. I do have the best family in the world. I'm sooo stoked for the great books i got and to study them! especially the standard works missionary reference guide! I've already gained a great insight on the church history and of Joseph smith. SIster George totally surprised me wednesday morning of my birthday and decked out the living room with balloons and streamers with a birthday banner. She gave me cap guns for my birthday and said, here's to hunting season, sorry you can't go hunting but this is as good as it gets! we had fun:) a little too much fun with those.. we hunted for wildabeasts. yeah.. don't ask. reminded me of when we would go squatchin when i was in high school:).. We also had fried oreos for my birthday instead of a birthday cake! let me just say, ya'll are missing out. I will never go back to cake again. Fried oreos are the way to go. I've started a new tradition for my birthday.
anyways! well i love ya'll soooo much! thanks for everything and all you do:) REmember who you are...and don't let that get you down.. ha jk. BUt remember that sister Hulme loves ya'll most. 
Love ,
Sister Lexie Hulme 

i'll send pics next week.

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