Monday, August 25, 2014

Zone conference...and other awesome miracles… 8/25/14

Hey fam!
Thanks for the birthday wishes:) I don't know if i'm ready to turn 20, but goodbye to the younger years! 
So this week we had an amazing zone conference! President Bennion talked to us how we are an obedient, diligent mission.. but now its time to take it to the next level of Love and Unity. There was some great trainings on that, and Sister George and I are trying to focus on Love and Unity with our ward. Its reallly just what they need. 
 About a year ago, there was something called the Monroe Massacre.. yeah it wasn't a good thing. So the WML's wife got ahold of some anti stuff and eventually the whole family was antied.. it breaks my heart. But the sad thing is, is the father, the WML didn't want to leave, he kept true to his calling till the day he left. He siad he needed to stay with his wife and she was too hard-headed to come back. But she had sent a mass email to the members of the ward with the anti stuff, telling them to sincerely search, and sadly a couple other families also fell away. The bishop's wife (current) was great friends with the family and had tried to help in any way, but they had gone so far astray. Well, since then, this ward has been broken and fallen apart, and the bishop and us missionaries are trying to mend things back together.  We had dinner with the bishop's family saturday night... which we had huckleberry pancakes with syrup:).. but he talked with us in getting a new Ward Mission Leader. The one we have now is a little old and doesn't know the new way of doing the work. So we talked about who would be good for the calling, and he said he would pray about some the names we gave. THat made us excited. But what made me more excited was an idea the bishop gave. He wants each of the families to have a ward mission plan, written on an index card, and given to us missionaries. THat way when we meet with the families, we know what they're working on, and we can follow up and see what they need help with. I got super excited about that! He has some awesome ideas and we're excited to help change this ward. The way to bring them in unity and love is to get them involved in missionary work. That applies to everything.. visiting/home teaching, reactivation, meetings of all kinds, youth firesides.. you name it. And we're witnessing so many miracles, we know the Lord is helping us here! 
So this yesterday we had 7 investigators at church... 7! 4 of which we met at church and became new investigators. We have been tracting and praying all week for miracles and new investigators. Well on saturday night we sent out the church invites to our investigators through texting, and most of them said they weren't going to make it. Even our one on-date, jamie. We were a little discouraged. But Sunday morning, Niki texted us and said she was coming along with her daughters, and we found out that the Hernandez family who once took discussions from missionaries, but still kept in contact with some of the ward members, were coming. And we also met  a woman named Alicia who is a nonmember, and she came with her mom who is a member. She explained in r.s. that she's trying something new and is looking into the church, yet hasn't met missionaries. Well we jumped on that after r.s. asap! we got her contact information and hopefully we can meet with her this week!  I've found that i really shouldn't stress that much,, because for those who are faithful things always work out. God will make sure that we have investigators at church:)
Okay,... now onto the cool news. So at zone conference, the assistants informed us that theres a movie coming out this october called Meet the Mormons. Its about 6 people all over the world who are mormons and it shows like 10 minutes of their life and how this restored gospel has blessed their lives. So the cool thing is... we have permission to go to the movie theatre and see it with an investigator when it comes out!!!!!!! I'M SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the members in the movie is a stake president in the Atlanta mission, and another is a woman and a mom who is a boxer and a fighter.  this movie is going to be awesome. i just watched the trailer with my companion. So watch for it on October 10th this fall!! 
here's the link for the trailer

Well, i hope ya'll have a blessed week and god bless! take care!
Love sister hulme 

The average temperature....aaaaaall weeeeeeeek loooooooooong :(

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