Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I'm finally in REAL Georgia! 8/11/14

Hey ya'll!
So we had transfers this last week. My new area is the Monroe ward, but we mainly work in Loganville. My new companion is Sister George, from Idaho Falls. She is hilarious and i love her so much! We go to bed laughing every night! And I love my new area! I know I've only been here for a week, so i might say differently in a bit. It's very rural.. out in the boonies of Georgia. But its the real south here! I feel like my first areas were like mini-utahs. I didn't feel like I was in Georgia.. BUt here in Loganville, this is real Georgia! I'm not gonna be able to escape the southern accent. I'm just soaking up the culture here! 

So we actually just had a baptism this last weekend! Yeah, i was stoked when i found out that i was walking into a baptism:) And its the cutest convert ever! Her name is April Pratt, and she has a pretty cool story. A couple weeks ago, the sister tracted into her, and she said she wasn't interested but was nice about it. Well.. a few days later, she ran into a deer and had a scary accident. Well that awakened her and she went to someone for help. This someone was was Adam Musgrove, who is a member of the church. They actually began dating and he told her he was part of the church and she acted so surprised! She was a hardcore southern baptist and thought Mormons were weird. But they just began talking about beliefs and principles in the gospel, and April decided she needed to get back with the missionaries! So she called them up and asked "Hey what's the first step in conversion?" The sisters were shocked and started teaching her! The Musgrove family has been her fellowship and has helped her every step of the way. We had a lesson with her Thursday evening, and i was so amazed! I swear she was a member her whole life, she was teaching us! She just expressed that she just desires sooo much to go to the temple to be sealed to Adam, and she is super stoked to do missionary work with us after she's baptized. She invited at least 15 of her friends to the baptism and it was awesome! The spirit was amazingly strong. Adam was able to baptize her.. gosh they make the cutest couple! haha, I was so grateful to be a part of it. 
We are also teaching woman in the Musgrove family.. SHe's married to one of the sons and has been taking the discussions for several months now. Well, she attended the baptism and we had a lesson with her last night. She told us that she desperately wants to go to the temple with her husband, and hopefully kids (they have a different dad). ANd she's been on date to be baptized twice before. But last night, she decided this is all or nothing.. the third times the charm! Her only hold back is smoking. She's trying to quit so bad. She's on date for the 13th of september. SHe said its meant to happen then because its their wedding anniversary and her husband's birthday. I'm in love with the musgrove family and it's such a privilege to be working with them. Sister George has done miracles with that family!
haha little note... we're at the library emailing.. and i'm listening to this old man talking to the librarian and he's making her laugh soo hard. He has this deep rough voice from smoking, and i turn to look at him and he's in a wheel chair, cowboy hat, plaid button down shirt, khaki shorts, and cowboy boots:) I've missed that sight haha! oh the south is like home i'm teling ya! 

So we had a meeting with the stake presidency this last weekend, also Mission Leadership Council. And we were really learning how to help the members be better involved in member missionary work. The only problem is.. this ward never has correlation, and we never attend ward council, and the members never come out on teamups. We have alot of building up and work to do here. We are desperately praying for miracles and plan to really kick up the work here. We were in meetings alll last week, so we didn't even really get to work in our area. But we had President Joyner, second counselor in the mission presidency, meet with us and he discussed with us what we can do to help the ward. We're now challenging the members to look for missionary opportunities or to notice missionary moments they experience this next week, and we plan to follow up with them next week. Hopefully this will make them aware that they need to either do more, or to notice what they are doing. So please really pray for this ward. Our ward mission leader is kind of a joke, but we're learning to love him! 
BTW, please send all letters and packages to my apartment address
304 Meadows Dr. 
Loganville georgia
Thanks for all you do folks! I love you and god bless:)
Love Sister Hulme

Sister Hulme, April Pratt, and Sister George

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