Monday, September 15, 2014

An Eternal Perspective... 9/15/14

Hey ya'll! 
So this week is transfers..I'm really really grateful that Sister George is staying another transfer. We're having too much fun working together, and we have a lot of good things coming up! 
It was another crazy week, but a great one none the less. The highlight of my week was going to the temple with our recent convert April Pratt and to see her do baptisms for her family. It was one of the best things to witness as a missionary. She had 49 family names to take and had 130-ish ordinances to do for them. Of course, she could only do the baptisms for the females of her family, so she had the Musgrove family, who is her main fellowship and basically her family, come to help. When she was doing the baptisms for her, you could feel the spirit sooo strong in the room! With every name you could feel that person's presence in the room. I know her family has been waiting for her to do this for them for a looong time. They actually just did a waterside confirmation for them. When one of the men was baptized and confirmed for her dad, we were all full of tears. April had leaned over to us and whispered, "i know my grandma is here, i can feel it so strongly." After the baptisms, the musgrove family decided to go ahead and do initiatories and endowments for some of the names, and also do a sealing for her grandparents and their children i believe. We had to wait with April while they did so, and we waited for about 5 hours! She was feeling sorry that they had to spend their whole day doing this for her family. But as soon as they walked out of the temple, April was overjoyed for the work they did for her family. And the Musgrove family was so happy and willing to participate in the work. I'm sure she had so much gratitude and didn't know how to repay them. And it was awesome to see members be so willing and help out with this missionary work. That's the vision I want to see more with members. I wish every member could have an experience like that in missionary work, and they can! April is truly amazing. Her sights are always set on the temple and she can't wait to do more work for her family there. I learned so much from her experience. The adult session of stake conference was also centered on the temple and how it should be our goal, it should be in our eternal perspective. April hasn't stopped after baptism, she is continually progressing, she is gaining an eternal perspective. I love seeing the work hasten, and moreover taking part in it all. 

THe Hernandez family is doing awesome! Juan is doing good so far on quitting coffee and tea. He drink hot cocoa in the morning now:) The other night we had dinner with them and a couple other member families. They made this delicious mexican dish called Seviche. Oh man its heaven! FUll of shrimp and crap and all sorts of flavoring. I love to see the changes in that family. At stake conference yesterday, both juan and their little boy were dressed in black slacks with  a nice button down shirt and tie, they looked sharp! before he would come in kahki's and a polo shirt. But they're starting to look like mormons now:) Can't wait for october 4 for that family! 
And Nikki is getting baptized on september 27th:) love her to death. SHe didn't have any issues with the word of wisdom. I'm telling ya some people are just dry mormons, they just need to be dunked! 
ANd last is anel, He is actually pretty dead set on getting baptized october 3. We thought it would be iffy and he possibly wouldn't be baptized. BUt last night confirmed that he's dead serious! We went over the baptismal interview questions with him at the end of our lesson last night and he answered every one of the question with a firm yes, like he really knows! we were in shock and were trying to hide the excitement in our face. He doesn't do good with pressure, so we're just letting him go with the spirit! I'm telling ya, its the coolest to see the spirit change people over time. 
Ok, so i forgot to inform ya'll that this last week, on tuesday we had permission to take a little trip to the airport for sister George to see her brother during his layover. He was headed to peru for his mission. ANd it was the best to see that reunion. BUt talk about weird to be in the airport! i didn't want to see that place for 18 months! But instead of making me and sister george really trunky and homesick, we actually got a little greenie fire! we felt like it was just yesterday we were there and we knew it wouldn't be long before we were gonna be back at that place saying good bye to georgia. ugh. Part of me slightly wished Hans was also flying into atlanta at that time:)
WEll i hope everyone has a blessed week and enjoy the wonderful fall season at home! 
Love ya lots.
SIster Hulme

Only in the south do the streets have Christian names. :)

Sister George and I at the Atlanta Airport

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